Joey van Ziel, founder, has experience and expertise in procurement and sales in corporate services and educational publishing. His focus was always IT. Because he has been on both sides of the table, he is able to take diverse interests into account.

Joey van Ziel

Resource solutions for IT assignments

Move-IT-up’s resource solutions leverage the power of Europe to enable IT developers and programmers to excel. Move-IT-up offers development teams a platform so that they can achieve their targets for growth.


International platform

We are building and maintaining a fast-growing network in the Netherlands and the rest of the EU for this platform. We match well-educated IT developers and programmers at every level from, for example, Spain or another EU country, to organisations with challenging IT assignments in the Netherlands. In this win-win situation, the human dimension is our standard. Move-IT-up uses personal contact to help organisations and people flourish!


If you have a talent for recruitment,

Move-IT-up has room for a new team member! If you’re interested in reinforcing the team, Get in touch with Move-IT-up!