Interim placement, sourcing and contracting

Move-IT-up finds IT developers and programmers in the EU for challenging assignments with Dutch organisations. Organisations can come to Move-IT-up for the various forms of flexible personnel: Interim placement, sourcing and contracting with excellent field management.

Interim placement

Opt for interim placement if you’re looking for flexible IT developers and programmers employed by Move-IT-up to be seconded to you for a special project or a longer period. This is a fast and easy way of hiring a talented IT developer or programmer without the regular employer’s risks related to sickness or redundancy. Move-IT-up offers a competitive hourly rate, depending on the required specialisation and experience.


Opt for sourcing and have Move-IT-up recruiters search the national and international employment market for the IT developer or programmer who perfectly matches a specific profile. Every CV is assessed in accordance with exhaustive selection criteria followed by a screening to ensure integrity and reliability. The best candidate travels to the Netherlands and is presented to the organisation so that they can get to know him or her better.


Contracting is for when the completion of important projects and/or the temporary occupation of critical positions in an organisation have to be guaranteed without long term obligations. The organisation decides the duration of the contract, the budget and the expertise that is required. Move-IT-up guarantees the fulfilment of all the fiscal and legal employment requirements as the employer and/ or intermediary so that the organisation is protected from any risk. Move-IT-up takes care of the recruitment and selection and the contractual, administrative and financial work with regards to employment.

Field management

Coaching and guidance is decisive for success and satisfaction in the workplace.
That’s why Move-IT-up’s service doesn’t stop as soon as an IT developer or programmer is taken on. In fact, we invest a great deal of time and take great care in the development and integration of each IT developer/ programmer. If necessary, we help candidates starting as freelancers open a bank account and register at the Chamber of Commerce. Move-IT-up also helps successful candidates find satisfactory accommodation.

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